Repo! Pavi approves

Good stuffs

So, things have been pretty awesome lately.

-I'm taking two classes at RISD this coming semester AND I got a grant that covers the cost of one of them.

-Floating World was awesome. Had lots of fun time with Sire as well as some great folks. Extra thanks to Blackthorne and Ms. Jess for the one-on-one time together. The classes were great and now we're even looking into one of Catherine Gross' Servant Retreats.

-Planning on rafting time with the It's Complicated soon, got some time with my little sis before she goes back to New York for college, and been texting and SLing with my uh... very good friend Brom. All the socializing makes me a happy monkey.

-Got a brand new phone with magical camera abilities and an actual qwerty keyboard for the textingly-challenged like me, which has been an awesome help. It has also given me the ability to present you all with these:

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Yay stuffs!