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between the good and bad is where you'll find me

reaching for heaven

25 April 1983
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My name's Amy, I'm later in my twenties than I feel I should be, I'm anatomically female, I enjoy various hobbies most would categorize as "geeky", and I have a surprisingly interesting life for some girl raised in the suburbs in Rhode Island. However to retain some air of mystery, I keep all those exciting details locked away behind various filters and I don't tend to friend people all willy-nilly here on lj.

I'm not particularly consistent in updating the info on this page and only slightly better in keeping up with my journal itself, so if there's something you're DYING to know then feel free to drop me an e-mail at artofthegeek@yahoo.com sometime. I'm terrible at small talk though, so don't expect to find me available on yahoo messenger all that often. Do feel free to try however!

Maybe someday I'll get my comic book Dualists published. Maybe I'll write it up as a novel. Maybe I'll eventually sell the rights for it to be made into a movie. Maybe it'll be a huge hit and I'll be a famous geek icon, attending conventions and seeing people cosplay my creations. Maybe then I'll never have to work a normal job again. And maybe sometime before that point, I'll come back to this little journal and write up something in this userinfo that is actually worth reading. Maybe.

I rp on LJ and in SL and hopefully will again in WoW or in the future SWtOR.

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